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~IMPORTANT PLEASE READ FIRST BEFORE REVIEWING~ This Flash too me 2 years because of all of the different versions. For 2008, this is an amazing Flash, it probably never got the hits Episode 5 did, even though this is by far superior.This episode uses a automatic progress thingy/password system to skip scenes. The voice acting is probably the best you're gonna get, and they do their jobs pretty well. The themes you've used ultimately got me into many anime I now hold dear, like Fullmetal Alchemist and Rurouni Kenshin. This means, when you get to the scene, in scene select menu, you wont have to enter a password. I still think Aeon is a pretty cool edgy foil to Sonic, though I hope in the future there will be decent exposition onto what the hell Cain is. I still get annoyed that you didn't capitalize I's, or that your website isn't on anymore, but honestly this is just a thank you. The astrals are recurring summons from the Final Fantasy series, and each is associated with a classical element from the series, although not all of the elements represented by the astrals are used for gameplay.Said to be physical manifestations of the stars' power, astrals are hinted to be connected to the world's creation.Some of the lore concerning the astrals is written into the Cosmogony books found around the world.